Hiring for strategic roles, prospecting for more profitable clients or landing a dream job often prove to be a costly exercises in frustration and isolation, especially when you  feel unprepared or discouraged. Increased clarity and confidence through coaching with me promises to focus your efforts, expands your horizons and improve your chance for a profitable payoff. Some of people who benefit from my services include:

> SMB owners/hiring managers making strategic hires (especially senior creative roles) within efficient and effective recruitment and hiring processes

> Sole-proprietors and SMB owners seeking new sales prospects through self-promotion and sales process improvements

> Job seekers starting or regaining momentum in their quest for better suited and more fulfilling work at higher compensation

> Meeting planners or group organizers looking for presentations and workshops on hiring best practices, workplace diversity, leadership development, job search strategies and other topics related to the  profitability of individual fulfillment.

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Business Support

Selling and recruiting are symbiotic business processes. The more you sell the more you need to hire. The more you hire, the more you need to sell. Different sides of the same coin, ConsultSherra can help you do one or both better. And then when you do it well, we can help connect with investors or buyers to grow or exit.

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Career Support

Looking for work can be a lonely endeavor. Hiring managers sense desperation. Normalizing the challenges of a job search makes it feel more manageable. Feedback and encouragement keeps motivation high and minimizes discouragement. The resulting positive attitude shortens the search.

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100+ Books

One of my goals for 2018 is to read/re-read 100 Books. Some will be new ones I buy either as research or based on recommendations. I also have a full library already around me and Atlanta’s Central Public Library walking distance from the condo. There is also my Kindle Unlimited Subscription. That 100 in a …