Welcome to the site about my consulting and coaching services. It’s meant to be a pretty basic introduction across a broad skill set. If you think I can help, please reach out and introduce yourself.

I work almost exclusively on retainer and am available for:

> coaching job seekers by the hour or bundle of hours,

> prospecting and consulting with business owners on sales process,

> sourcing/recruiting candidates,

> consulting with hiring managers on interview process improvement,

> presentations and workshops on leadership development, job search strategies, hiring best practices, diversity considerations, etc.

> and anything interesting, creative and people focused…

See Services & Fees below for more details and contact me with questions or to receive an engagement agreement..


If you’ve been referred to this page by someone we know in common or randomly through a search on Google or LinkedIn, you may be wondering what qualifies me to support, advise or assist you. Here are a few of the things that I believe differentiate me:

Reason #1 Sales and Recruiting Veteran

I got into creative staffing early in its inception with managers who made sure we learned to recruit and sell as consultants. These days I take pride in being the most seasoned creative recruiter in Atlanta with a design degree. I’ve also used my knowledge of sourcing to help business owners find customers as well as to teach job seekers how to manage their own job search and career development.

Reason #2 Diverse Creative Background

I earned my BFA in Visual Communications/Graphic Design from Auburn University. Along the way, I completed 2 years in Auburn’s Architecture program and minored in Journalism and Marketing. After Auburn, I headed west to Denver where I earned a Master of Arts in Religion in Justice and Peace Studies by applying design thinking to diversity, social justice and organizational/cultural change. Through AIGA, I also participated in Harvard’s Business Perspective for Design Leaders. Since then, I’ve also studied long-form improvisational theater in Atlanta and Chicago as well as Product Management at General Assembly. I enjoy learning new things as much as I enjoy meeting new people.

Reason #3 Who I Know

Malcolm Gladwell calls people like me connectors for having a truly extraordinary knack of making friends and acquaintances. People fascinate me so I know a diverse lot of them…from varied communities literally across the globe. And if I don’t know someone yet but need to, I’m comfortable finding a compelling reason to start a conversation.  It’s a skill that I was fortunate enough to turn into a lucrative career of sourcing and introducing people for mutually valuable exchanges. 

Services & Fees

I work in a variety of ways with both those seeking opportunities and those sourcing talent. The following is a general template of my services including pricing and other terms. If interested, please email or call for a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation. If you choose to work with me, I will provide a formal agreement document and payment processing details. Prices are subject to change so I recommend that you screen capture what you see and include with your initial inquiry email.

For Opportunity Seekers

Candidate Representation

There is no charge for making yourself known for consideration as a candidate for placement. Please visit CreativeKnow-Who.com to submit your resume and link to samples.

Career/Job Search/Business Development Coaching Terms & Fees

When meeting at my location, I offer career and job search coaching packages (for strategy, resume/social media/sample reviews,  resume customization suggestions, interview prep, negotiation practice, new job on-boarding support, etc.) at the following rates:

$150/hour in person
$85/hour remote (phone or Skype)

$500 paid in advance ($640 value): 2 hrs in person + 4 hrs remote
$750 paid in advance ($940 value): 4 hrs in person + 4 hrs remote
$1000 paid in advance ($1280 value): 4 hrs in person + 8 hrs remote
$1500 paid in advance ($2050 value): 8 hrs in person + 10 hrs remote
$2000 paid in advance ($2820 value): 12 hrs in person + 12 hrs remote

*In-person time at my location can be split into multiple sessions of one hour or more; all time is rounded up in quarter hour increments.

When meeting at a location convenient to you, I provide new business development consulting services and serve as a SME for staffing related branding/CX/UX projects at the following rates:

$175/hour in person (2 hr minimum)
$85/hour remote (phone or Skype)
$750 paid in advance ($865 value): 3 hrs in person + 4 hrs remote
$1000 paid in advance ($1210 value): 4 hrs in person + 6 hrs remote
$1500 paid in advance ($2080 value): 8 hrs in person + 8 hrs remote
$2000 paid in advance ($2940 value): 10 hrs in person + 14 hrs remote

*In-person time at a location of your choosing within 10 miles of 400 West Peachtree St (Atlanta 30308)…can be split into multiple sessions of 2 hours or more; all time is rounded up in quarter hour increments. Most OTP Metro Atlanta locations exceed 10 miles and require compensation for travel time at $45 per quarter hour. Out-of-town  travel will be negotiated based on the situation.

Payments are due in advance and non-refundable unless Sherra cannot honor time commitments as agreed upon. 

Referral Commissions: For Business Development Coaching of companies or freelancers:  if any personal introduction by Sherra (from existing relationships versus paid research) results in paid subcontractor work, a 10% referral fee on any invoices submitted within the first year of the introduction and should be accounted for in your pricing. 

Placement Rebates: Similarly, should Sherra Bell, ConsultSherra or Creative Know-Who LLC earn a fee for placing you within one year of your last coaching/consulting fee payment, all fees paid will be rebated up to 50% of the total placement fee. Rebates will be paid within 10 days after your successful completion of any guarantee period designated by the placement contract (typically 90 days).

Classes and Workshops

When enough people ask for the same services at once, classes and workshops are offered to scale costs in exchange for working in a group format. When available, these will be listed under Products on my website.

For Talent Sourcers

Retained Search Recruiting:

I typically only engage with companies for direct hire placements on retainer at 25% of Accepted Annual Salary paid in 3 installments: to initiate, on/before the new hire’s start date, and on/before the 91st calendar day of employment. Contact for a full version of the agreement. All fees are non-refundable once paid. If needed, replacement searches for candidates who leave before the end of their 90th calendar day of employment are conducted for an additional 10% fee of the next Accepted Annual Salary. Replacement Search Fees are due in 2 equal payments: start date and 91st day.

*Discounts applied for multiple concurrent searches or applied to subsequent searches if initiated within 30 days of a prior retained search’s start date::
2-4: 20% of accepted annual salary
5+: 15% of accepted annual salary 

Contingency Placements:

I occasionally refer known or stumbled upon candidates on contingency for 30% fees due on the new hire’s start date. Because contingent engagements lack a commitment to the process that I know contributes to a stronger probability of successful retention, this option comes with no additional guarantee except the offer to conduct any needed replacement search at a discounted 20% contingency fee. Proactive search efforts are not promised and status updates will not be provided for contingency engagements. This option is simply the terms under which you agree to compensate for noodle throwing against a job description in exchange for accessing my network without a mutually exclusive relationship.

Hourly Sourcing/Recruitment Assistance Consulting:

For recruiter subbing or process support of in-house recruiting teams, my services are offered for agreed upon effort with no guarantee of outcomes at prices based on discounting for the duration of a guaranteed assignment period as follows:

$6000 = 30 hours  (minimum hourly engagement accepted)
$7500 = 40 hours
$14,000 = 80 hours
$20,000 = 120 hours
$24,000 = 160 hours
*Payment is due in advance except engagements over 40 hours can be paid in 40-hour installments with a signed agreement that guarantees the duration of the assignment. Contact for pricing options for engagements above 160 hours.

Freelancer Referrals:

I do not typically payroll contractors on behalf of clients. On rare occasion, I will engage in freelance referrals for existing clients or as part of my Opportunity Seeker coaching. Typically unless engaged on a prepaid hourly basis by a Sourcer,  all freelance referrals are handled as a Seeker relationship described above and the referred Contractor bills the hiring company and  pays  my commission.



Sherra M. Bell
400 W Peachtree St NW
Unit 2306
Atlanta, GA 30308

I look forward to hearing from you.




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