New Year, New Focus

This new year is bringing with it a new season of growth. I coach and consult with others quite a bit about how to pivot. It’s something I understand from observation, research and experience. It’s now my turn again to heed my own advice and make my own pivot.

The past year or so has been about assessing previous challenges and successes while clearing out distractions. I’ve used the past few weeks to set up accountability and invest again in my own coaching, mentoring and mastermind peer accountability. I know it works because the years that followed my last big investment were absolutely magical. I spent years feeling charmed with the Midas touch knowing that clear intentions and consistent effort were paying off exponentially.

Then family obligations shifted my attention away from prioritizing my own professional development. I’m thankful for the work that supported me through those challenging days. Mostly, I’m grateful they are behind me.

I’ve found my center again. I’m on my way back to living out my professional purpose and sharing my gifts and this time its with the help of post-50 clarity and confidence. With a deeper understanding about where my unique point of view and expertise meet market demand, I continue to establish, refine and expand my sweet spot. It’s time to swing for the fence.

In addition to a 50th birthday, late Summer marked the anniversaries of my 20 years in recruiting and 16 years as an entrepreneur. I formalized my job coaching as well as my sales and recruiting consulting in 2009 after returning from a sabbatical studying improv in Chicago during a time we now refer to as the Great Recession.  However, I’ve been coaching candidates, consulting with businesses and speaking to groups of various sizes about both my entire recruiting career.

How people look for work and how they hire have always been two sides of the same coin for me. My first Creative Know-Who clients actually hired me for business development support to recover from the 2001 recession just before and post-9/11 when many of them had to learn to proactively promote themselves for the first time ever. Once business was good again, I helped them hire to meet the new demand for their services.

The systems and strategies for both depend on consistency, connections and credibility to position for the highest possible value exchange. At their core they are about reputation, brand building and authentic relationships. I enjoy teaching others to think like I do as much as I enjoy solving problems for those who prefer I provide an assist.

I’ve been primarily focused on a creative niche, working with small mid-sized design and marketing agencies. My recruiting sweet spot has always been the leadership and hardest to fill positions on creative teams.  In the year(s) ahead that focus will likely broaden, though I expect I will always be something of a bridge between creatives and those who hire them the same way I bridge sales and recruiting. Because I believe brands should be clear even if my more generalist style allows me to multi-task, I’ll shift the creative focused content and creative recruiting to Creative Know-Who.

In 2018, ConsultSherra will serve as content, training products and coaching packages for individuals and startup/SMB owners who want help creating strategies and systems for intentional career growth, business development and recruitment. I am available for and actively seeking professional speaking opportunities on those same topics.

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Feature Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


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