A Surge of Coaching Requests

Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the response to my recent presentation on the Product-Market Fit Job Search Tactics at Product Camp and a general uptick in interest in my coaching services. It’s been  a little bit of a side business that I have managed reactively while doing other things. It seems to suddenly be moving to the forefront and deserving of a more proactive, focused approach.

A huge apology to anyone who contacted me through my Contact Me form. I just discovered that I am not getting emails to notify me when you write. I’m working to fix that now.  I’ll be reaching out by email to those I missed.  Watch for increased activity here in the days and weeks to come.

ADVICE TIP #1: If someone doesn’t respond to you in a reasonable amount of time, consider that it may be a technology issues. If they list an email and/or phone number, follow-up with a polite prompt. In addition to helping yourself, you might be helping them and others trying to reach them.