Sell and Hire Better

Recruiting and selling  are different sides of the same coin. See Service Packages below for more details and contact with questions or to receive an engagement agreement..

for Hiring Managers & SMB Owners

Recruit Better Initial Consult:

Phone session inventory & follow-up to identify missing systems, processes and opportunities.

Recruit Better Success Systems Coaching:

In person session and follow-up for process improvement recommendations & coaching support for those who prefer DIY recruiting.

Retained Search Recruiting:
25% of Annual Accepted Salary

Paid in 3 installments (to initiate, on/before the new hire’s start date, and on/before the 91st calendar day of employment). Payments are non-refundable once paid.

*Discounts applied for multiple concurrent searches or applied to subsequent searches if initiated within 180 days of a prior retained search’s start date::
2nd search: 22% of accepted annual salary
3-4: 20% of accepted annual salary
5+: 15% of accepted annual salary

Contingency Placements:
30% of Accepted Annual Salary

Due on the new hire’s start date without any guarantee. If you want access to my network without a retainer, I’ll throw a couple of candidates in the mix for a quick buck. Without a retainer, whether or not you make a good investment and hire the right person is fully on you.

for Entrepreneurs

Prospect Better Initial Consult:

Phone session inventory & follow-up to review messaging, processes and opportunities related to prospecting new clients, projects or jobs.

Prospect Better Success Systems Coaching:

In person session and follow-up process improvement recommendations with coaching support for sales or job search .

Candidate Representation:
No charge

Make  yourself known for consideration as a candidate for placement. Please visit to submit your resume and link to samples.

*Referral Commissions: For Propsect Better packages,  if any direct introduction results in paid contractor work, a 10% referral fee is due within 15 days of receipt on all invoices submitted for the first year.

Placement Rebates: Similarly, should ConsultSherra/Creative Know-Who LLC earn a fee for placing you within one year of your last coaching/consulting fee payment, all fees paid will be rebated up to 50% of the total placement fee. Rebates will be paid within 10 days after your successful completion of any guarantee period designated by the placement contract (typically 90 days).


I am available for presentations to groups. In addition, classes and workshops will occasionally be offered to scale costs in exchange for working in a group format whenever demand warrants it.