The Lonely Job Seeker

By its very nature, looking for work is a stressful and solitary experience. If you are working, you usually need your boss not to find out. If you aren’t working¬† at all, you know you can’t seem desperate even if you are. If you are just graduating, most of your classmates are competition.

Nevermind the black hole your resume or application seems to fall into on most every submission. And then there are the awkward conversations with friends and family who don’t want to tread on sore subjects in case you were rejected from that job that excited you so much. Maintaining hope and focus becomes an everyday challenge.

While doing customer discovery for a project I’ve been working on, I discovered that support and encouragement rate as top wants from job seekers. Much of what I offer in coaching one part hand-holding. It’s also about standing from a different enough perspective that I can shine light on new possibilities in unexplored directions.

We all have insecurities and blindspots. Sometimes all that you need is to spend time with someone objection who will allow you to process your thoughts. Coaching works just like therapy to get you unstuck as you wade through a major transition. It can normalize your experience and reduce your stress.

When I speak with prospective coaching clients I’m looking for a few key traits:

  • The desire to approach the arc of their careers with intention and strategy
  • A willingness to invest in building a network of relationships that grows and deepens over time
  • An openness to exploring personal needs and preferences beyond skill sets
  • The need to get started, change directions, or take a significant leap forward in title and/or pay

My clients are doing more than just advancing to the next obvious level of their career so they need more than a few tweaks to their resumes. They are positioning or repositioning themselves so they need to connect the dots for their prospective employers by translating their experience into new. They also sometimes need to find hidden jobs not found on job boards. They often need help practicing how to better negotiate their worth.

It’s thoughtful, soul level work that puts the need to develop relationships ahead of simply searching for the next obvious job. It isn’t for everyone. But those who dare to engage in the work enjoy tangible and intangible rewards.

If this fits you, check out my rates and options under Services & Fees here on You will also find workshop offerings and other options for those who don’t have the time or money to invest in coaching. Either way, know you don’t have to go it alone.